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Lettings Fees Information


£90.00 (per person) minimum charge of £180.00

Referencing Fee

£54.60 (per person)


Six Weeks Deposit 

Realm Estates are members of the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS), further details regarding this scheme can be viewed on their website. If the Deposit is not being held by Realm Estates, your Landlord will confirm details of the scheme they have chosen.


The Landlord is liable for the Inventory check-in and the Tenants are liable for the Inventory check-out fee.

Approximate check-out fees are as follows;

Full Inventory/Make Furnished Unfurnished
Studio £110 £90
1 Bedroom £130 £120
2 Bedroom £150 £130
3 Bedroom  £170 £140
4 Bedroom  £200 £180
5 Bedroom £220 £200
Check In Or Out Furnished Unfurnished
Studio £100 £80
1 Bedroom £110 £100
2 Bedroom £120 £110
3 Bedroom £130 £120
4 Bedroom £140   £130
5 Bedroom £160 £150

Standard pricing includes 1 hallway and landing, 1 reception and 1 bathroom per property. Any extras are charged at £10 each. These fees represent an average of the cost of a check-out from the companies we frequently use. They are not fixed prices and therefore may be subject to price increases. Please note that the Inventory Companies reserve the right to alter the price once the property has been viewed, if there are other areas that are heavily furnished and not advised at the time of booking.

Please note that Inventory charges only apply if the Landlord wishes to proceed with a professional Inventory.

Professional Cleaning

If the property has been professionally cleaned prior to the tenant (s) moving in, the tenant (s) will be liable to pay for a professional clean to the same standard when the tenant (s) vacate the property. Realm Estates can recommend Professional Cleaning Companies that are used frequently by us.

Change Of Tenant

Fee £60.00 (per person)
Referencing fee: £54.60 (per person)


All move in monies must be paid to Realm Estates and must be received into our account at least one week prior to the commencement of the tenancy. The funds must be cleared funds and Tenants should be aware that banks generally require three working days for a bank transfer and longer if transferring funds from overseas. We are not able to release keys until all the move in money has been paid and all the Tenants have signed the contract.

Monthly rental payments must be paid by standing order from the second month onwards and only one standing order can be accepted. Therefore, Tenants who share a property will need to set up a house account or organise payments to be made through one Tenants’ bank account, the reference for payment should be the property address. Please do allow three working days for payments to arrive into the payee’s account and it will usually be due on the same day as the commencement of the tenancy.

Prices shown includes VAT at the prevailing rate