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Rental Values and the knock-on effect for Landlords.

Calling all new potential landlords!

Realm are having continued success with letting cottages and houses in the immediate area. There is a steady demand of applicants looking for the 'Village' lifestyle, that can only be found in the Tonsley's. The appeal of the area alongside the style of the cottages and houses has ensured that the rental prices have more or less remained the same over the last 18 months - even after all the recent political upset and turmoil.

However, on the flip side we have found that over the last year the rental values on new apartments are going down, having been eroded by the supply of new flats coming onto the register from Battersea to Putney.

So, our advice to potential landlords is to always try and invest in Victorian flats, cottages or houses as they will continue to appeal to future renters. The benefit of Victorian investments is that the properties don't have hefty service charges, which cannot be offset when in 2020 when the chancellor's new landlord tax liabilities will kick in.

More importantly the capital values are far stronger in Victorian investments than any modern apartment purchase will ever be.

Published on 24 January 2017