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Overwhelming lack of stock!

The current issue for Realm going into February is an overwhelming lack of stock.

Understandably potential vendors are wary to sell after such a period of uncertainty, yet buyers are hunting and are now ready to commit and make the move post Brexit/Trump. However, this drought generates the risk of becoming stagnant. The current cautious vendors, who are looking to sell are testing out other methods such as 'stealth' marketing, whereby vendors try to sell their property without the formalities of web exposure, floorplans, brochures etc. Due to this 'stealth' marketing approach the Tonsley's and South West could be in danger of becoming a search engine 'blind spot' for the majority of potential new buyers coming into the area.

Realm are fiercely looking to bring properties to the market and to give them the maximum exposure that they deserve, thus sustaining a balance in the market for vendors and buyers and keeping the Tonsley's on the map as one of the top areas to live in SW.

Our advice to you is that if you're thinking of selling, do not wait until the spring as it's not the time to hesitate. Offers are being made by the buyers but they are all struggling for variety to find the home that fits them. The market is there and deals are ready to be done!

Published on 31 January 2017