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Keeping Your Home Safe

The top priority of any homeowner, is safety and security. No matter where you live there is often a risk of being the target of an unwelcome person gaining access to your home. We would like to use this week's blog to discuss ways of securing home, other than the usual burglar alarm. Our property manager has knowledge on how to keep your home that bit more secure with these handy suggestions...

Sash Window Bolt Locks

A basic way of adding extra security to your home is by fastening on retrofitting sash window bolt locks. The key locks prevent the two sashes from sliding past each other. Whereas the average sash window twist or pivot lock can easily be opened or knocked off from the outside. This is a standard requirement for all building insurance small print.

Check the Crime Prevention Website for more details.


Light Timers

Many burglaries occur when there's no-one at home, the lights are off and without any sign of life inside. Often, having the lights on will deter burglars by making them think you are home. With a light timer, you can remotely turn various lights on at your home, timed at certain hours in the day and evening.

Please check out Light Switch Timer for more information Light timers

Outdoor Dummy Cameras

Cameras are a good deterrent to make people think that a real surveillance camera is in operation. They can also be used alongside real surveillance cameras so that more areas appear to be covered.


If you are living in the local area check out the The Tonsley's local neighborhood watch or find your own local area by clicking on-

This week:

Spring is on its way finally and we are looking forward to some much-needed sunshine! Spring is also traditionally known as the sales season. The numbers of valuations are increasing, with new vendors will be coming on as a result and applicants are on the hunt for a home. Lettings properties continue to be flying off the shelves and more applicants are coming to the market. Keep your eyes peeled as we will be launching a fabulous house on Ballantine street next week, watch this space…

Published on 02 March 2017