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Corporate Vs. Independent

When putting your property on the market the first task is choosing an agent. Anyone looking to sell their property often have to decide between a smaller independent agency that specialises in the area, or a much larger corporate agency which may have a greater pool of applicants on their register.

Independent agencies are likely to give you a more bespoke, personal service such as telling you information about viewings with honest feedback from applicants as well as advice to improve the sale of your home. This can, in some instances, be more diluted by a corporate agent as your property can become a small fish in a big pond of many other properties in the area where the agency is less focused on one specific property.

Smaller agencies that specialise in a specific area are often the go to for new buyers looking to access the neighbourhood they know they want to be in. Corporate agencies which span a much larger distance will usually have a greater pool of buyers which may seem more appealing to vendors, however it may be that your property becomes overlooked by the multiple other homes in their register.

Published on 30 May 2017